Keys to Growing Spiritually in Your Fitness Journey
Have you ever said, “I’ll be happy when?” When you get that promotion, lose those last ten pounds, or make a certain amount of money? What or who defines you? If your confidence (or lack of confidence) is found in the way you look, your social position, a past lifestyle, a failed relationship or even someone else’s opinion of you, you’re allowing the world and not the word of God to have the final say.
We should be seeking God’s approval – not mankind’s approval.
After thirteen years in the fitness industry and sixteen years of being a Christian, I’ve learned the hard way that my confidence has to come solely from who I am in Christ. As a model and writer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what everyone else thinks of me and to seek their approval. Whenever I’ve bought into this, enough is never enough. There isn’t pretty enough and there isn’t fit enough. Everyone has a different opinion. So, buying into ‘what other’s think’ lands you in a world of misery. Seeking God’s approval and not man’s is how to find true confidence and peace. In God alone, right now, we are good enough.
If you’re feeling like you’ve allowed something to dictate your identity and you won’t be happy without it then remember this: we are all created individually with a specific plan to prosper and to have hope.
You are so precious and unique to God that He only made one of you.
God doesn’t make mistakes. What we do (in all areas of our life) should be done unto an audience of one – God. Adopt this mindset and let it liberate you. Find who you are in Christ. Avoid the trap of trying to be what the world thinks you should be. You are, as the Bible says, fearfully and wonderfully made.
Here to get you Happy, Healthy, and FIT,