When it comes to change, there are two types of pain: the pain of changing or the pain of staying the same. The pain of staying the same seems easy…almost comfortable, but it’s a lie.

You may not even know that you’ve consciously made a choice when you decided not to make a choice.

The hidden pain is the one we don’t acknowledge; it’s there residing in our thoughts, like a secret we don’t share. We think no one knows and we often try to hide it from ourselves. When you know you need to change something and you don’t, it surfaces in self-doubt, low self-esteem and fear of failure. Sweeping your dreams under the carpet doesn’t mean they disappear—they are still there. You’re just not doing anything about them. People suffer from depression, panic and stress, because they won’t deal with these issues. Consider the following questions, and think about what you put off day after day.
• What do you want to change about yourself?
• What have you been putting off?
• How many times have you tried to change this?
• What are they obstacles that make you fail?
• How will you overcome them?
• Why will this be the time?
Change is both powerful and painful. We have to leave things behind to go forward, but remember life is a journey; it’s supposed to keep moving and changing.

When we get stuck, we’re existing not living.

When you do what you know you need to do you feel a sense an inner-strength and confidence. Fear of failure is a very strong emotion and can’t keep you stuck in a time period of your life. Don’t allow that to happen. Acknowledge what needs to be changed and face it.

The odd thing about pain is that its twin is passion. In order to do something great you must have both. If you feel like days are passing you by and life is happening to you, it’s time to wake up that passion in you. Sadly, some people are so afraid of the pain of change that they give up their passions. Think of a time you took on a goal and accomplished it. Looking back on it is so rewarding, isn’t it? When it’s done it seems easy, but going through it never is. What are you ready to change?