Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet

Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet , is a mom of three who initially found reasons why she couldn't be in shape. She even thought fit moms must have their priorities all wrong. After a pivotal moment, she realized that her thinking was keeping her from becoming her best. Lisa is now striving to share all she's learned through [...]

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Inspirational Mom, Michelle Vodrazka

After having four children, Michelle Vodrazka decided to become a figure competitor! Taking on a goal like this is arduous, and with children it may seem impossible, but Michelle has an incredible can do attitude that finds a way rather than an excuse. Read on to learn more about this inspirational mom and how she's able to [...]

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Faith and Fitness Magazine

Faith and Fitness The most important elements in my life are God, my family and spreading the message of fitness and health. When I was asked to be a part of Faith and Fitness Magazine, I was deeply honored. Faith and Fitness beautifully combine two topics that tend to get separated-our physical health and our [...]

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11 Inspirational Moms with Incredible Stories

These 11 Fit and Inspirational Moms have been through unimaginable issues. Some have overcome cancer, dealt with fertility treatments, battled eating disorders and depression. Others had a moment that made them draw a line in the sand and completely overhaul their lifestyle. The one thing they all have in common is that they transformed themselves. [...]

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