For You Friday Giveaway: MPG Workout Top and Pants

This morning I enjoyed a great workout and it gave me the idea to offer you one of my favorite things in the world – a new fitness outfit! When I first began my journey to get healthy, I was overwhelmed. Not only was my mind full of questions (What should I eat? How should I train?), I was looking around to see what everyone else was...

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For You Friday Giveaway: Six Pack Bag

When I decided to get healthy for good, getting started was overwhelming. It is hard to know where to begin a total lifestyle transformation, and there were so many diets, gyms, workout plans, fitness products, supplements, and brands that I had never heard of, all promising amazing results. It’s funny looking back on that time, [...]

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  Download this chart here. When it comes to eating healthfully, remember Keep It Simple Sister (K.I.S.S.). Don’t overthink it. Eat God-made, balanced meals every three to four hours and healthy, balanced snacks. Don’t skip meals and don’t get caught up in the deprivation-overconsumption cycle of dieting. Start off making small changes and let small [...]

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