Run Your Race To Win

Are you living the life you feel called to live? This can be a painful question for some – stuck in jobs they dislike, struggling with negative self-talk, grappling with the fear of going for their dream – the list is endless. I know, because I’ve been there. I used to go to a coffee [...]

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How to Trade Comparison for Confidence

Talking to my girlfriend yesterday, she said, “I’m on Instagram and all these pictures of fit women are depressing me!”   Isn’t it easy to get caught up in the images and feel less than? As women, it’s common to compare ourselves to one another. But it is wrong, and we cannot please God when [...]

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What Does The Bible Say About Health and Fitness?

Have you ever wondered, What does the Bible say about health and fitness? So many of us are trying to improve our health in a culture that makes it incredibly difficult. The typical American diet is unhealthy, lifestyles are sedentary and we’re inundated with products and promises offering quick results that don’t deliver. It’s [...]

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Keys to Growing Spiritually in Your Fitness Journey 4

Whatever you’re going through, there is a Bible passage to take you through it. The Bible is recognized as the very God-given direct communication to us. That is why you may have heard people refer to it as ‘sacred scripture’. We set it apart from other writings as a book – a message that is [...]

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