Inspirational Mom, Rochelle Oldfield

Rochelle Oldfield is the transformation story that gives us all hope. When you read her interview, you can feel her transparency. Rochelle is a beautiful example of a mom that didn’t lose the baby weight the first time around and after her second child needed to find herself and believe in herself again. Boy did [...]

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Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet

Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet , is a mom of three who initially found reasons why she couldn't be in shape. She even thought fit moms must have their priorities all wrong. After a pivotal moment, she realized that her thinking was keeping her from becoming her best. Lisa is now striving to share all she's learned through [...]

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Inspirational Mom, Brooke Merritt

Brooke Merritt once believed that the fit physiques that filled fitness magazines were all women without children, but after some research she realized many were moms-just like her. This information changed her life and set her on a new journey. Passionate about her new-found goals, Brooke turned to the weight room to transform her body. [...]

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