17 Truths for Every Fit Mom

Was the weekend hard on you? Did you eat too much and exercise too little because...life? Do you find yourself starting over again this morning? May I encourage you in the battle? You ARE doing the work you were set-forth to do. You are fighting the good fight and I know that sometimes it [...]

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Body Image: Thoughts From a Christian Fit Mom

I once heard a pastor share an eye-opening example about being happy with the way God made you. He said : “Imagine when you were born that you came with a little bag. This bag contains all of your gifts and attributes, but for some reason you don’t like your own bag. You find [...]

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How to keep CHRIST in Christmas

If you find yourself feeling frazzled trying to plan everything perfectly, running around shopping for the best gifts, and trying to make your home look like a Hallmark card, it’s time to take the stress out of Christmas and make this special time about the true meaning, Christ. The pressure and stress this time [...]

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Introducing “Faith Inspired Tanks” by Kim Dolan Leto

Have you ever found yourself chatting away with a perfect stranger and you could feel God wanting you to share your faith? I know I have, so guess what, I just made it easy…. My Faith Inspired Tanks are a fun conversation starter and a great way to share the love of Christ. Something as [...]

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What Does The Bible Say About Health and Fitness?

Have you ever wondered, What does the Bible say about health and fitness? So many of us are trying to improve our health in a culture that makes it incredibly difficult. The typical American diet is unhealthy, lifestyles are sedentary and we’re inundated with products and promises offering quick results that don’t deliver. It’s [...]

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