Are You Too Busy To Get Healthy? It’s bound to happen to all of us – aging, a bad break-up, a new baby, and of course, the busyness of keeping work-life balance. We can quickly slack on our health goals, and before we know it, we experience a “moment.”

So, how did we get here? Well…life happens!

You know what I’m talking about, the…
I literally have nothing to wear to hide my weight,
I don’t recognize myself anymore,
I’m so uncomfortable in my skin
moment that rocks us to our core!

But don’t get comfortable, don’t accept that feeling bad is part of getting older or that having a baby is the end of your fittest days or that you can’t balance work and family, and stay healthy.

If your day is anything like mine, the minute you get out of bed, your life is planned out, and it’s packed, right?

It can be too much… and this is the problem. Why and how did everything get more important than you? As a mom and wife, I know how quickly this happens.

Somewhere along the way, you stopped ruling your schedule and it started ruling you. You find yourself taking on more and more, and even feeling like you have to say yes to things when you can barely keep up with what you’re already doing!

Stop! Stop right now and write out your priorities. Somewhere close to the top of this list should be your health. Put together an average day. Where is time scheduled for YOU during the day?

A free half hour doesn’t mean you have time to take on more

Let me share an example: My sweet little girl is in second grade and with a career and a home to take care of, I had to laugh when she asked me if I could sew 25 hand puppets.

While I love volunteering in her class, I can’t take part in every volunteer opportunity. I enjoy doing what I can when I can, but not at the price of my health and sanity.

Learn that the best yes is often saying NO to yet another thing and saying yes to yourself! We need to remember that saying no is perfectly OK, so let’s agree to say it without a side dish of guilt. We all want to help out, but if it’s taking over your life then it needs to be balanced with time for you.

Is your health and fitness on your to-do list?

No more taking yourself out of the game, it’s time to get back in – swinging!

What are you doing for just yourself?

Are you doing anything to take care of you or are you just taking care of everyone else?

How do you take care of yourself?

What are you going to do to take care of you?

Where did the fighter in you go? (I know she’s in there dying to feel really comfortable in her own skin with tons of energy and enthusiasm for life.)

Looking and feeling your best comes from taking care of yourself – this isn’t a vanity project, but rather a sanity project.

God tell us to let our light shine, but how can we do that when want to hide it! Now I’m not talking about fitting into one definition of beauty by achieving a look or size – I’m talking about taking care of you and thriving in who YOU were created to be!

I know there was a time you felt good – really happy about you. What was different then? How were you different?

Getting healthy, happy and fit isn’t just for other people, it’s for you, too!

Tell me how you’re going to take a piece of you back and focus on your health and happiness again. I can’t wait to hear!

Ideas On How to Get Your Workout In!

  • Get up earlier and work out first thing in the morning.
  • Use DVDs, like my 20-minute F.I.T. DVD, for a quick morning workout.
  • Take activity breaks. Set your phone to go off ever three hours and get up and stretch, do jumping jacks, jog in place, do push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, squats and crunches. Pick a number to start, like 10, and see how getting your heart rate up releases endorphins that make you feel great and boost your energy.
  • Walk or jog at lunch with the help of a great playlist.
  • Get on YouTube in your home or office and try the zillions of workouts offered.
  • Meet a friend for a group fitness class – my favorite friends & fitness!
  • Go back to what you love: dance, karate, barre, yoga, and even gymnastics. As an adult, you can still do all of these fun classes.
  • Make a family pact to walk after dinner or go for a hike together on the weekends.
  • Buy inexpensive home/office equipment, like gliders, for a non-weight bearing cardio routine that will torch calories quickly.

Working out doesn’t require a perfect hour. Live by the simple rule that something is always better than nothing and take the perfection pressure off.

Here to help you get healthy, happy & fit God’s way,