Turn On God’s Power in You with Angelike Norrie

faith fitness food health Dec 28, 2021

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I recently interviewed my amazing friend Angelike Norrie on the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast and I thought it was so important to share this with you all. Angelike is a five-time cover model, a top corporate executive, a world-renowned martial artist, and a mom of three! We talked about everything from her kiddos to God, and I am so excited to share this Q&A with you! If you're struggling with getting fit or fear chasing your dreams, this is for you.

You have three children and you've been on the cover of five magazines. So I want out of the gate to share with people where you always fit. Have you ever struggled? 

I absolutely struggled. As a matter of fact, it's funny because we were at my in-law’s house yesterday putting up Christmas decorations. We're...

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God, I Can't...But I Know You CAN!

If you want to listen to today's episode, press that pink play button above and leave me a review if this episode touched your heart! 

2021 was challenging for all of us, to say the least. I don’t always share about my personal life outside of fitness, but I know God wants you to hear this. This message you are reading today is directly for you. I am going to take you through my 2021 trials and show you how each time God used them for His glory. 

Maybe today you have a mountain in front of you that you feel like you just don't have it in you to climb. That mountain can be a diagnosis, a lifelong struggle to reach your fitness goals. Or maybe even just finding the energy to try one more time. If you feel like you have nothing left, this episode today is for you. I haven't shared the things I'm going to share publicly today. I went through a very, very tough couple of months. And God put it on my heart to talk about it because he gave me a phrase from this time that I...

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