Balance Fitness, Family, and Business Through Faith with Barre 3 Owner: Karie Johnson

fitness May 07, 2020

Balancing Fitness, Family, and Business Through Faith with Barre 3 Owner: Karie Johnson

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Do you struggle with:

  • Finding balance?

  • Having a healthy body image and teaching it to your kids?

  • Giving God your stress and problems, but taking them back? 

  • Needing to surrender parts of your life to Him to find peace?

If so, this is for you…

>> On today’s new show, bold Jesus follower, beautiful busy mama, Barre 3 owner, Karie Johnson, and I talk about all of this and more on Strong. Confident. His.<<

Here's a photo of me and Karie! She was pregnant, and I had just given her this Preggers shirt as a gift!

She immediately put it on...Love her! 

Join us and tune in!

Just press play above to listen to Karie share her inspiring faith-filled truth, or listen on apple.

When I started the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, I saw the power of bringing real women on the show who are doing...

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Get Motivated: Faith Fuel for Your Workout

fitness May 05, 2020

Get Motivated: Faith Fuel for Your Workout

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This topic is oh so good today. 

People always ask me how are you so motivated to workout, so I’m going to share my answer.

...The truth is I wasn’t always motivated. 

Maybe today you feel like I did and working out seems like a chore, but it doesn’t have to.

Our world idealizes being fit with extremely lean bodies. I think this can make us feel defeated before we even start or make us quit when we don’t see the progress the package or promotion promised us.

...But then we’re missing the whole, real point of working out.

Too often working out is all about what we look like instead of taking care of our bodies (His Temple) I jokingly say, it isn’t about vanity it’s about sanity, because working out makes you feel amazing! 

Who wants more energy, better sleep, less stress, increased cognitive function, and of...

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A Christian Woman’s Solution to Weight Loss, Dieting, and Eating Healthy

food Apr 30, 2020

A Christian Woman’s Solution to Weight Loss, Dieting and Eating Healthy:

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  • Are you tired of starting your diet over every Monday?
  • Does it seem like you gain and lose the same five pounds every week?
  • How many times have you said this is it! I’m starting a diet on Monday, and then the weekend was an all out binge?

> Promising you’re going to live on chicken, broccoli, salmon and green beans, oats, eggs and protein shakes, doesn’t work!

Let’s face it, anyone who’s been on a diet knows that willpower doesn’t last.

 I rode this emotional roller coaster for years, and I learned the hard way, so I want to help you avoid the years of struggle.

 If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you have the power of the Holy Spirit working in you.

 Maybe you never made this connection, but it’s absolutely life-changing.

Did you know that you can trade willpower for the...

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For the Days You Feel All Alone on Your Fitness Journey

fitness Apr 28, 2020

For the Days You Feel All Alone on Your Fitness Journey

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 When you make the decision to change your health, pursue a fitness goal, or tackle totally changing your body, it can feel like no one understands and that you’re all alone.

  • Do your friends and family have a hard time understanding your health goals?

  • Have you ever felt or do you feel really alone on your fitness journey?

  • Do you feel unsupported?

–> Maybe you feel like you’re the only one who’s felt this way, but I want you to assure that you’re not.

Fitness can feel isolating. Like In the middle of a gym, a group fitness class, or bringing a healthy meal to a party, you can feel completely invisible, and like you’re working toward a goal that seems like no one really gets.

I want you to know that you’re not alone!

...Many moms tell me they feel so alone they excuse themselves to the...

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Stronger Together: Build Your Faith and Fitness Community

fitness Apr 23, 2020

Stronger Together: Build Your Faith and Fitness Community

(Simply press play to listen, or read the highlights below.)

Do you feel called to lead a faith and fitness, small group?

Or has God put someone on your heart to walk out a journey of faith and fitness together?

Accountability and community make all the difference when you're working toward your fitness goals.

On today's show, Lisa Vasseur Jarvis and I share how to start your own faith and fitness community, the importance of faith in your food, fitness, confidence, and how accountability in Christ changes everything.

My guest, Lisa, is a Proud Mom, Christ Follower, Fitness Instructor, and Healthy Food Blogger.

We cover these topics and so much more…

Getting fit and staying fit is already hard, but when you couple that with aging, hormones, dissatisfaction with your appearance, depression, and feeling like you don’t have a purpose, it can feel impossible.

Lisa shares:

1.   How she felt God calling her...

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Strong. Confident. His. The Heart Behind the Mission

faith Apr 21, 2020

Strong. Confident. His. The Heart Behind the Mission

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Trusting God, even when it's hard, changes everything...

Last year was a very hard year for me, I haven’t shared this publicly, but I had to have multiple surgeries. Without going into a lot of detail, the result was a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

Faced with a long ugly process, and little, if any reward, I felt God telling me to drop it, to trust Him, and to move on with my life.

The moment I did, the floodgates of clarity, creativity, and energy poured in.

God put a new song in my heart and lit a fire in my soul. 

The morning after I let it go, while I was in prayer, I felt called to finish a big dream I’d had for years  – write a faith and fitness devotional.

With 20 years in the fitness industry, as a cover model, competitor, and writer, I wanted to share how complete surrender of my appetite, fitness goals, and body image issues were the...

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Get in the Word and Workout

fitness Apr 16, 2020

 Get in the Word and Workout With Me!

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I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed right now and want to press pause on life but hold onto hope because God is faithful.

I want to encourage you with a fresh mindset through the Word!

Invite you to workout with me through some new free resources, pray for you and get you into action to strengthen you from the inside out.

If you’re trying to work and workout from home and life is full of distractions trying to get things done while helping the kids with online school, I’m here to help!

I’ve created something special for you.

>>5 FREE Strong. Confident. His Workouts & a Get FIT God’s Way Guide<<

Inside you’ll be able to:

  • Workout with limited space
  • Workout without equipment
  • Exercise for all levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Create a roadmap to set fitness goals in faith
  • Create a FIT Power Hour daily routine to...
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Trading What If's for the Power of Prayer

faith Apr 14, 2020

Today’s Strong. Confident. His. Devotional Episode is all about:

Trading What If’s for the Power of Prayer.

“Call to me, and I will answer you.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

"We have a promise that He hears us: "You will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you." (Jeremiah 29:12

Are experiencing the Power in Prayer?

Even scientists and medical journals say that Prayer speeds healing, lowers heart rate, and relieves stress, but a life of prayer goes way beyond these simple health benefits.

If prayer is something you’d like to make a habit, or you just don’t know where to start, today’s show guides you through: 

7 Different Ways to Quiet the What If’s and Begin Practicing the Power of Prayer

If praying is new to you, don’t overthink it, and don’t think you have to be perfect to talk to God.

He wants to meet you right where you. He is a loving Father.

Here are some simple ways to pray and even make it a...

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Three Ways To Stay Strong in Your Faith, Fitness and Finances

faith fitness Apr 09, 2020

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions from Christian women lately due to the pandemic. 

Questions like…

  • How do I stay strong in my faith?
  • How do I fit a workout in and take care of myself with kids at home and how do I stay motivated?
  • What do I do with my business goals, how do I pivot and prepare for the future?

I’m not going to sugar coat it – we are living in uncertain times and things are changing every day.

As women of God, we need to stand firm in our faith more than ever.

Consider this a hand on your shoulder and a friend praying over you.

I am amazed by the outpouring of the Christian community banding together in prayer, and seeing it on the news warms my soul.

I’m watching women, like my Strong Confident His guest today, stepping up and serving their families, community and businesses in powerful faith-filled ways.

If you need prayer today, your hope restored and could use some God-led motivation, we’re here to serve you.

In this...

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Don't Give Up! In Him, You've Got This!

faith Apr 02, 2020

Don't Give Up! In Him, You've Got This!

 I want you to fulfill your goals and live out everything good that God has planned for you, so if you were thinking of quitting today...

>>>Don’t you dare, don’t give up on you, don’t do it!<<<

Maybe today you’re at your wits end and your goals feel hopeless, but I want to encourage you to wipe the slate clean and start over in this moment in God. 

The word tells us, not to look at the past, because God will do a new thing.

 “But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? – Isaiah 43:19


Now you might not see the results of your hard work or your prayers right away, but I can promise you this, being faithful pays off. 

Action Steps:

  • Every decision to believe and act in faith is a step toward God’s best version of you. 
  • ...
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