Don't Let Your Weight Become Your Walk With Kelly Whitfill

fitness Jun 11, 2020

Don't Let Your Weight Become Your Walk with Kelly Whitfill

(Press play above to listen to this Strong Confident His Podcast episode, or enjoy reading the highlights below.) 

If you’ve been unable to get the weight off, get fit or have underlying health issues you think you can’t overcome, this episode is for you! I highly recommend listening. 

Today’s guest, Kelly Whitfill, is one of the winners of my Power Up Challenge. For her prize, we did a coaching call, but I have to admit I felt like the winner that day!  

F.I.T. is a program like no other! Kim Dolan Leto has brought together what I consider to be the 3 pillars of health for every Christian woman. Moving your body with fitness, nourishing your body well with an emphasis on God-made foods, and most importantly spending time every day in God’s word and asking him to take the lead on your health journey. 
If you (like many) have struggled to find your way to better health,...
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Jesus, Our Light in the Darkness

faith Jun 10, 2020

Jesus, Our Light in the Darkness

(Press play to listen to the full devotional episode from the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast or read the highlights below.)

Do you have limiting beliefs about God? Were you taught it is ungodly to want to be successful, take care of your health, or even want to be the best version of yourself?

Did you know limiting beliefs don’t come from Him?

As women of God, we have been saved, set apart, and chosen. We are called to shine for Him and bring Him glory. 

Let me share a story about one of my students, Heather.

Growing up, Heather was taught that wanting to be successful was ungodly and prideful, so she put her head down and settled for less in her career, friendships, and even her appearance. 

Have you ever done that too? 

Working with Heather, I taught her the truth of who God says she is in order to undo this stronghold. (Learn more about who God says you are, here.)

Heather has two kids, so I shared with her that...

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We Are All One in Christ with Melissa Dawn Simkins

faith Jun 04, 2020

We Are All One in Christ with Melissa Dawn Simkins 

(Press play to listen. Sharing only brief highlights below.)

I wanted to invite the peace of God, and my powerhouse friend Melissa to join me for an important and timely conversation.

If you are watching all that’s going on, and wondering what can I possibly do?

Today’s guest, Melissa Dawn Simkins, and I are going to have a very real conversation to offer perspective and even small heartfelt steps we can all take.

Melissa Dawn Simkins is a powerhouse woman of God. CEO of Velvet Suite, an innovative leadership firm accelerating the purpose, performance and profit for Fortune 500 companies. Velvet Suite specializes in brand leadership strategy, consulting and innovative curriculum. Mrs. Simkins is the creator of The Brand Leadership Institute, a pipeline prep, e-coaching and community experience developing, retaining and advancing high-potential women leaders. She hosts the annual She-Suite Summit. 


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Faith and Fitness: Free Workouts, Recipes, and More

faith fitness food Jun 04, 2020

 Faith and Fitness: Free Workouts and Recipes

 (Press play to listen, or enjoy reading below.)

*Make sure to get your free workouts, recipes, and more! 

This blog is all about you! I’ve created a huge present for you. 

This is no little download or video, it’s an entire Faith and Fitness Library of Resources: from recipes to workouts to learning how to do this through faith, I’ve got you covered.

 Although, the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast launched only two months ago, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of questions.

 I took all of them and even your struggles and made you exactly what you asked for.

 And guess what, it’s free!

 With so many of us trying to make ends meet right now. 

I want you to know I see you, and I’m here for you.

  • If you can’t go to the gym right now
  • If you don’t know where to start with food, fitness or with your faith
  • If you need to believe in yourself...
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Unlock Success With My 3-S Formula

faith May 27, 2020

Unlock Success With My 3-S Formula

(Press play to listen to this podcast episode above, or enjoy reading below.)

Today’s show is real talk for women who love Jesus and fitness but can’t seem to get to their goals…

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what the secret to success was, I’d have a million dollars!

Success with losing weight, toning up, leaning out, landing a magazine cover, starting a business, book, or podcast.

People reach out to me in desperation and beg me to give them the secret, but sweet friend, it does not exist!

So why is it so hard to make healthy living a habit? 

Even when we’re armed with our greatest determination and countless diet and training plans, it should be easy; but it’s not. 

Somewhere between setting fitness goals and facing reality, we trade healthy habits for quick-fix gimmicks and temporary results. 

But where is Jesus in any of this?

I left Him out of my goals for far...

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Press On and Persist Until You Succeed!

faith May 26, 2020

Press On and Persist Until You Succeed!

(Press play to listen above, or enjoy reading below.) 

Hey there, friend! 

This topic hits home for me in a very big way. This devotional comes straight from the pages of my journal. 

People ask me quite often, "Kim how are you able to stay fit and tackle goals like writing a book or having a podcast?"

The truth isn’t pretty or as simple as you might think.

Here's my honest answer, it's anything but a perfect journey.

I slip, trip, and fail my way to success.

I've learned to keep getting up in His grace.

When your life is in Christ, He reaches down and even lifts your hand to help you get back up again, and again.

It sounds funny to say, but if it wasn’t for the Word of God to power me through, I would be a Jesus lovin' hot mess!

If you need some BFF girl time and a big dose of faith-filled motivation, this hand on your shoulder, you've so got this encouragement is just for you!

Philippians 3:12-14 says,

Not that...

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Get Fit Through Faith: Free Step-by-Step Guide

fitness May 21, 2020

Get Fit Through Faith: Free Step-by-Step Guide 

(Press Play above to listen or enjoying reading below.)

* Download your free guide, here

  • How many times have you come to the end of the day and you're like, ugh...I didn’t get my workout in?
  • Or how many times have you excitedly set a fitness goal, but somehow it never made its way from your thoughts on to your to-do list?

Let’s be honest, getting fit can be exhausting hard.

Many women tell me they have a continuously negative conversation going on with themselves and they beat themselves up because they don’t get their workouts in. 

This struggle to workout is compounded by the very unrealistic and single-focus of what it looks like to be fit.

Fitness should be a lifestyle, not a look

This is why many women feel defeated and like, what’s the point because they can’t measure up to their social media feed. 

Oh, my friends, the point is YOU ARE WORTH TAKING CARE OF

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3 Sneaky Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight or Reaching Your Fitness Goals

fitness May 19, 2020

 3 Sneaky Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight or Reaching Your Fitness Goals

(Press play above to listen, or enjoying reading below.)

There are few things as hard as losing weight and reaching our fitness goals, so we want to make sure we’re not inadvertently sabotaging our best efforts.

Before I dive into these three sneaky reasons that could be hindering our weight loss and fitness goals, I want to encourage you with some Faith Fuel.

Psalm 119:105 says,

 Your word is light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet.

As we walk out our fitness through faith, we see from this scripture that God is with us. When we seek His word for answers, He’s there showing us the way. 

God wants us empowered with knowledge, so make sure one of the following is not keeping you from your goals.

3 Sneaky Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight or Reaching Your Fitness Goals

1. You have a daily habit that has a grip on you

Is there something you do daily that could be stopping...

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9 Ways to Get Snacking Under Control

food May 14, 2020

9 Ways to Get Your Snacking Under Control 

(Press play above to listen, or enjoy reading below)

 Hey there, friend! 

Today’s show is packed with tips on how to get snacking under control, so it doesn't derail our health and fitness goals. 

But can we snack without destroying our health goals? 

The answer is, yes.

Did you know 94% of people in the US snack daily?

I teach food, fitness, and body confidence through the Word, so I prayed a lot about this episode, because, while I want to provide a ton of helpful tips...  

I want to show how God relates to our struggles and put Him front and center.

Scripture teaches us that at the core of every human heart there is a deep spiritual hunger and thirst for God. 

When Jesus was tempted with hunger, He said, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

The key is...

Discerning hunger from temptation and...

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Quiet That Inner Critic!

faith May 12, 2020

Quiet That Inner Critic!

(Press play above to listen, or read the highlights below.)

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

  • Do you beat yourself up?
  • Do you rehearse what you should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve done (fill in the blank)?
  • Do you feel like you’re failing yourself every day?

Romans 8:1 tells us...

Therefore there is now no condemnation [no guilty verdict, no punishment] for those who are in Christ Jesus [who believe in Him as personal Lord and Savior].” 

But somehow it’s tough for these words to come off the page and into our thinking, right?

In your quiet moments, stop and reflect on this question: am I really failing, or am I not living up to a standard that someone else made for me?

Sweet friend, what extreme expectation or missed opportunity has a grip on you?

God blessed me to be on the 700 Club and Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN News.  (In case you'd like to check out these episodes, I've included the...

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