Real Talk Kim: Free, Fearless, & On Fire

faith Aug 25, 2020


Real Talk Kim: Free, Fearless & On Fire

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God opens doors that no one ever could. The opportunity to do a Podcast and Video with Real Talk Kim was a gift that I wanted to give you, friend! THIS one is a must listen to.

In this episode Real Talk Kim and I discuss:

  • How she went from having a learning disability in school to becoming a 5-time bestselling author
  • How to free yourself from the pain of your past, the labels people put on you, and those moments when you’re stuck
  • How to find the motivation to show up and live out God’s best for you today.

Real Talk Kim, is a mom to Morgan and Lyncoln, pastor of Limitless Church, entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, entertainer, and five-time best- selling author.

Her fifth book just came out, you have to love the title:

Shut Hell Up: When the Enemy Brings Up Your Past, Remind Him of Your Future

She’s been on Dr. Oz, BET, webinars, radio programs, and numerous podcasts, including her own which I can’t get enough of.

Her heart is pure gold; she’s an advocate for Rock, Paper, Scissors, a ministry for those who have been involved in sex trafficking. 

She is a testament of God’s redemption plan in action. Most importantly, Real Talk Kim is a true worshiper after God’s own heart. 

 Here are the main takeaways, but this episode is a must listen to.


Me: You’ve been through so much, and you share it all. How can we help people get free from the mindset that has them stuck in their past, mistakes, labels, what they say, and even toxic friendships?

We need to decide daily (sometimes minute to minute) to choose to get free.

 Real Talk Kim's Quotes:

Sometimes a heartbreak shakes and wakes you and helps you see that you are worth more than you were settling for.

You will never conquer what you refuse to confront. – John Hagee

You don’t have to accept the labels other people give you. Labels are meant to be worn on shoes, clothes, and accessories, not people.

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and revive me in your way. – Psalm 119:37

 2. Fearless

Me: This year has been a rough one, but it seems like it just made you stronger!

You went through a divorce, your amazing dad passed away, but look at you showing up fearlessly anyway!

So many of us are paralyzed by the unknown, what other people think, full of fear, scared to be judged, what is your advice to them? 

 Real Talk Kim's Quotes:

  • Come at your fear with truth.  
  • Even if you feel like a turtle stuck in peanut butter, you can decide to get up and move forward. 

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. – Isiah 41:10

3. On Fire:

Me: Some of us have all but given up during this pandemic, but it just lit your heart on fire for Christ. You dug your high heels in and said bring it on. 

I watch you show up loving people back to life every day like a boss! Can you share how you stay so motivated?

 Real Talk Kim's Quotes:

  • If you haven’t succeeded your season isn’t over. I had to tell those negative voices to shut up and get out of my life.
  • Don’t allow a season to become a life sentence
  • Rejection is God’s protection.
  • Sometimes you have to make a decision that will hurt your heart but heal your soul

 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, – 2 Timothy 1:6 

Gut Check: 

There comes a moment when you get sick and tired of being a victim in your own story and you decide to get whole. 

Dear God,

Thank you for Pastor Kim and thank you for every sweet soul who shared this time with us. We pray they get free from what's holding them back, conquer and overcome their fears, and live on fire for your perfect plan for their lives.

God we know apart from you we can do nothing. When we’re weak, You’re our strength.

Where we’re broken and defeated, You pick us up. When we’re rejected, You embrace us. When we fall, your grace covers us. When we don't’ know what to do you direct our path. When we see ourselves through your eyes, we are fearless.

You are our Father, we are your children.

You made us to bring you glory and we will shine for you! 

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Faith Fuel: 

It is God who arms me with strength And makes my way perfect He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on high places. –Psalm 18:32-33

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From my heart to yours,

God bless,

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