Here's Your Step-by-Step Success God's Way Blueprint

Okay, so sister to sister, why as Christians do we struggle with believing success is God's will for us?

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • God, I think you gave me this gift, but I'm scared to use it. Is it really your will?
  • God, do you want me to be successful? Is this my ego or is it you?
  • God, I keep failing at my goals, is it okay to ask you to help me succeed?
  • God, why do I keep getting to a place and then quitting?
  • God, can you help me believe I can succeed? Lord, help me with my unbelief.

Until I learned what I'm going to teach you today, it made reaching the goals God gave me...Hard!

Like standing on the scale and beating myself up over the number looking back at me… Hard!

Like answering the call to write a book, or start a business, and a podcast, and wondering who am I to do any of this? Is this even God's plan for me?.. Hard!

Like I’m old, it’s too late!... Hard!

Through a lot of prayer and diving deep into studying my Bible, God gave me His Blueprint for success.

 Search your heart for a moment and think about these questions:

Do you believe, truly believe, that you can succeed at your goal and that it’s God’s will for you?

Sadly, many Christians do not know what the Word says about this, and they settle for less and miss out on God’s plan. Let’s dive in!

God’s Blueprint For Success Is Rooted In Biblical Truth

God’s Blueprint for Success is rooted in biblical truth that will eliminate confusion and set you on the path to success, God’s way.

Knowing what God says about success is vital to our goal achievement. Not knowing is why so many of us struggle with guilt over goals, not feeling worthy of achieving our goals. It’s why we self-sabotage and have confusion about God’s plan for us.

Let me share what God has done in my life and how I have found the answer to achieving success. 

I want to point out that this is not a prosperity teaching or name it and claim it teaching. This is scriptural, and you will find freedom from the enemy’s lies that have been stealing away what God has planned for you.

My Story

You might not know my story, so I want to share why God has qualified me to teach this message.

For years I struggled with my weight and body image issues. I was stuck in a cycle of dieting. I was all or nothing, and I would self sabotage my goals and then promise to do better next time. I traded quick fixes and worldly answers for results. But living this way never brought me one step closer to my goal.

I am now free from being overweight and living on a roller coaster of gaining and losing weight and the emotional toll it took on me. I didn’t just get free from the cycle, God used the trials to be my testimony, and He gave me the success I never dreamed of. 

Here are some of the highlights of what He has done in my life.

  • I worked full-time through college, and I graduated without debt!
  • In my career, I have been the rookie of the year I’ve won the Presidential Award The Trailblazer Award. 
  • I went through a weight loss and body transformation and I’ve maintained that transformation for decades through pregnancy, knee surgery, and hormonal issues.
  • God put me on over 25 fitness magazine covers and he has a sense of humor because I was on my first magazine covers at 36 and my last one at 48!
  • He has guided me through the biblical principles in this workbook to tackle and succeed at the goals He has given me, like writing for the top fitness magazines, being on just about every Christian TV program, being the faith and fitness expert for HIS Radio, learning gymnastics as an adult, competing in fitness into my 40’s, even winning the ESPN Fitness America and representing the USA in Ms. Fitness World.
  • I wrote 10 Steps to Your Faith Inspired transformation, F.I.T.  which became a best-seller even though it was self-published, and created the F.I.T. Workout Series which is exclusively streaming on Pure Flix.
  • God also put it on my heart to share everything He has taught me by starting the very successful STRONG. CONFIDENT. HIS. podcast and Faith and Fitness Devotional, creating courses, guides, and resources for women to live fit and successful God’s way. 

I have never shared this before but my husband of over 20 years and I built a very successful business together with over 500 employees and God has guided us every step. I now know how to overcome fear, being insecure, settling for less, and living on a roller coaster of gaining and losing and the emotional toll it takes. I know how to start and run a business, write books, start a podcast, and create a  fitness workout series. I believe all things are possible with God and The success I have is all because I didn’t do it the world’s way, I did it God’s way and I want that for you friend.

Get the proven, stress-eliminating, success-giving, Bible-based blueprint God has for you, click here.

Are You Ready To Be Successful God’s Way? 

I want you to think about this very important question. What will happen if you don’t learn what God says about success and apply it to your life? Where will you be this time next year? 

We can do nothing apart from God, but we can do all things in His strength.

If you are ready to learn how to be successful God’s way, by using God’s Blueprint For success - this is for you!

Register today for my Workshop, God’s Blueprint For Success.

During this 1-hour workshop, you can expect to learn and receive: 

  • The 7 Step core lesson that teaches God's Blueprint for Success
  • A one-hour video training 
  • The fillable guide I used on my weight loss and business journey
  • Success God's Way Scriptures
  • How to implement the 7 Steps into your own life
  • How to overcome doubt, discouragement, and self-sabotage
  • The Success Checklist
  • The Success God’s Way Action Plan
  • The Success God's Way Prayer

Want to get started? Right, this way, Sister >>>

Plus, get a FREE 20 + Page Workbook that guides you through the whole process and the audio lesson to listen to on the go. Do you want to have real, fulfilling success - God's Way? If so, you need to know what He says about it.

 Here’s a tiny bit of what you can expect.

Step 1. “Know God’s Promises and take possession of them.

Arise, go over this Jordan you and these people to the land which I am giving them every place that your foot will tread I have given you.” Joshua 1:2-4 

Have you claimed your land? Your place? What is your God-given goal?Have you taken possession of your gift? Have you put a stake in the ground, in agreement with God, and stood believing without seeing?

Will you stand in agreement with God, believing without seeing in faith?

Romans 11:29 tells us,” For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable [for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call].” ( Romans 11:29)

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1. 

In God’s economy, we believe in faith before seeing our work's manifestations. Ask yourself this very important question, do I believe I can be a success? Do I believe that it is God’s will for me? 

God has a plan and a purpose for you to prosper.

I don't want YOUR journey to your goals to be an emotional roller coaster of doubting and wondering, “is it okay to want to be successful?”. Or feeling guilty, like “does God even want me to succeed at my goal? “ And then struggling with sabotaging your success because you don't know what His Word says.

Time to breathe easy, friend! God wants you to succeed, it's in His Word.

I want to pray for you and your success before you go.

Dear God,

Thank you for your life-changing Word that tells me the truth about your plan for my success. Help me to hold onto Joshua’s example and your promises. The world wants me to think, “Who am I to do this?” and to doubt myself, but I know who I am; I am your daughter! 

I know I cannot do this alone and in my limited strength and abilities, so I will go after the goals you have given me through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the past, I have fallen off track, I’ve let things derail me and I’ve ended up feeling like a failure.

But no more!

I believe you have made me with a purpose and a plan and that you want me to prosper.

I will tell everyone that the success I achieved came from you. Help me represent you well and use me to bring other people to know you. Father, I will seek your presence continually; please direct my path and help me live the abundant life that you died to give me.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Faith Fuel:

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” (Ephesians 3:20 NKJV)

Do not miss out on the life God died to give you.

If you follow the steps in the God’s Blueprint For Success workshop, your life will be changed.

Make the decision today. 

Go to to start now

I can’t wait to see you there.

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