I am thrilled beyond measure to announce that I will be the Keynote Speaker at:

“The Bliss Project,” presented by Lori Harder, Busy Girl Healthy Life.

Appearing in over 100 magazines as a writer and model birthed my dream to become a published author. In 2014, this goal will be realized. A transformation story myself, my motivation to write and speak come from a concerted passion to help people find their health and happiness potential. With a fitness career that has evolved from competitor, to model, to writer, and now speaker, my mission is to give back. I believe strongly that if you’re not helping someone get through what you’ve conquered, you’ve missed the point.

Holding down a family business, raising our daughter, and the busy life of a fit-mom have made it tough for me to give the kind of hands on teaching and interaction I crave. Objectively speaking, I feel the part of my message that has been missing is how did I get here? As a speaker, I now have a platform to share what Key Principles have brought me success in life.

As the Director of Family Health and Wellness for International Sports Sciences Association,

My definition of success is teaching people how to:

  • Set goals.
  • Uncover what’s holding them back from their personal best.
  • Find their love for a healthy lifestyle.

I want to thank, Lori Harder for this incredible opportunity. I am sincerely looking forward to meeting you and my greatest hope for you is to: Achieve the vision you have for your life. For more information, and to sign up, click here.

Your friend and partner in success,

Kim Dolan Leto