1. Make time for fitness
It may sound impossible at times to add a workout to your daily schedule, but the benefits far outweigh the time investment. If you work, or are a stay at home mom, working out first thing in the morning ensures your best chance of success.

2. Make exercise a family event
Many gyms have classes for children. Bring them along and exercise while they do, or if your child plays a sport at a community center, sign up for a class there.

3. Make time for you
How invigorating is a long bath, a good book, an incredible workout, or even lunch with your best-girl friend? We need to carve out time for ourselves. No guilt here, remember a happy mom makes a happy family, so take that time for yourself.

4. Get your sexy back
A common feeling mothers experience is feeling invisible. We can still be our sexy-sassy-selves ladies. Yes we wear a lot of hats—mommy, wife, and work, but we need to connect with our sexy side too.
Top tips for getting your sexy back:
• Good Hair. Nothing puts that swagger back in your step faster than a trip to your stylist.
• Find Your Scent. Shower at night and put it on with your pjs. Ah, what a way to go to bed!
• Dress Up! Refrain from living in your pjs or gray sweats. Spend the 10 minutes on yourself; it will make all the difference in your mood.
• Add Some Sparkle! These few things go a long way: tinted moisturizer, bronzer or blush, mascara, and a favorite lip color. A fresh clean face with lashes and lips gives an instant vibrancy to your look.
• Do Date Night. Schedule a date with your husband or significant other.
• Plan a Girls Night. Spend time with your best girl friends.
• Keep a Journal- This is a little book about you. Use your journal to “locate” yourself. It helps to remember what really matters when life feels overwhelming.
• Get Your Body Back. When your body starts showing all your efforts in the gym and kitchen, you walk a little taller, your shoulders are back and there’s an infectious smile on your face… Love that great energy!
5. Get yourself and the family on a healthy eating plan
If you’ve been working out and aren’t seeing results, what you’re eating will bring about the changes you’re looking for. An ideal day would include five to six mini-meals, or three meals and two to three snacks. Meals should be full of lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, low glycemic carbohydrates, veggies, and fruits.

6. Learn time management
Moms usually make a “to do” list and then spend their day frantically trying to cram it all in. It may occur to you that no one could do everything on your list, and certainly not with a child that gets sick and needs your attention at your side all day.
Start with how much time you have in a day and divide it amongst what must get done. This is the necessity list not the extra list. Don’t forget to allow for margin. This means you have planned for extra time like traffic, getting gas and stopping to get yourself a coffee. Yes, you deserve it!

Before bed plan for the next day. Each day should have a top three; these are the main things that have to get done. There is so much pressure on moms to be it all and do it all. Because we all have our strengths and weaknesses, it’s best to forget the super-mom mentality and get super at being you. We need to support each other and not compare how much one person can do versus another. Being a mother is a gift and we should celebrate it, but it’s not all we are. We are still individuals and need something for ourselves. Make sure to go after that fitness dream you have or set a new goal. You are worth the time and effort. You won’t believe how much more you can do when you’re filled with motivation and passion for life.

Moms you are amazing, you are the backbone of your families. You are the person that holds everything together, so don’t forget about taking care of you. Take these 6 tips and get busy becoming a Happy, Healthy and Hot Mom.