Take the Fit God's Way Challenge!

Take the Challenge!



Take the Challenge
Hey there, fit sister in Christ,

I have a feeling you want to start making changes right away, and I bet you want a plan to follow to jumpstart your results. Well, I’ve got you covered. I want to invite you to take the #FitGodsWay 7 Ws Social Media Challenge.

Here’s how: Post a picture of you doing one or all of the 7 Ws with “#FitGodsWay” on social media. If you’re wondering how to get started, here are some simple ideas to help:

✔️ Take a picture of yourself praying, reading your Bible, sharing how you find worth in Christ through favorite Scriptures, quotes, and even grace when you miss it.
✔️ Share images eating God-made food and drinking water out of your go to container.
✔️ Snap a photo working out, listening to your favorite worship song, and how you do your morning and evening routine.
Join the hundreds of other women taking the challenge now and me! Let's share the power, strength, peace, and grace of God in our fitness.

Join the Challenge now!

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