Sweet friends,

Are you tired of the countless diet programs that are put in front of you each day on social media and television promising you that they have the secret to weight loss?

Believe me, if there was a secret I would’ve been first in line to get it! 🙂

Going through my own weight loss transformation 17 years ago, I learned being healthy doesn’t have a finish line only diets do and that these 5 simple health tips change everything.

Ask yourself, don’t I want to look and feel great all the time instead of only dieting for a special occasion?

If this sounds like you, this one tip helped me lose weight for good: trade-in man-made food for God-made food. These foods will satiate you; they will allow you to be strong, focused, and intentional to do the work He has for you each day! Have you ever wondered why you can eat an entire bag of chips, but you wouldn’t eat 10 apples or 5 chicken breasts? It’s because God’s food truly satisfies, where man-made food is insatiable – there isn’t enough you always want … just one more!

So here’s the truth; there is NO magic pill, powder, or diet that can do what fueling your body with God-made foods will do. If you’re struggling, you may feel like you just can’t do this. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time or the know-how to make it work or you’ve struggled with your weight for many years now and feel defeated or like it’s too late.

Guess what? It’s never too late, you’re not too old, and you don’t have to be perfect to become your personal best!

These lies are how the enemy wants us to feel. Incredibly, though, the LORD gives us the strength and the spirit of self-control to do it.

He truly cares about our health and fitness and will walk this road with us. It’s essential, friends, that we figure out how to make real God-made foods work in real life!

So I bet you’re wondering … what’s the first step?

In this video, I share how to get started so you can create the healthy fit life you deserve.

5 Simple Health Tips That Change Everything:

  • 1. Drink more water and ditch the soda, fruit juice and sugary coffee drinks. Some coffee drinks have twice as much sugar as a soda. Can you believe it?
  • 2. Eat God-made food instead of man-made processed package food.
  • 3. Move! Don’t sit for longer than 90 minutes, get up and pump your arms, walk around, get your blood moving and aim for getting a sweat session in most days out of the week.

  • 4. Keep a healthy snack with you at all times.
  • 5. Address your emotions and problems. Don’t think they’ll just go away. They won’t! The enemy loves to torment you with past pain, personal issues and especially dark secrets, but God wants to bring them to light and allow the healing to begin. Love yourself back to health! You are worth the effort and you are made for more!

I know how the busyness of the Monday through Friday of life can make getting healthy feel impossible, but it all comes down to simple habits and asking God to come alongside you.
Try making one new good choice from this list and see how amazing you feel and how it truly does change everything – one good decision at a time!
Remember, you’re not alone. God has promised to be your strength.

“The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” – Psalm 29:11 

Here to help you get Healthy, Happy and Fit God’s way,

Kim Dolan Leto



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