Was the weekend hard on you? Did you eat too much and exercise too little because…life? Do you find yourself starting over again this morning? May I encourage you in the battle? You ARE doing the work you were set-forth to do. You are fighting the good fight and I know that sometimes it feels like you’ll never have time to work on you…to fit in your favorite jeans once again; to plank like a boss; or wear that marathon medal with pride. While you wait and while you work, I want you to remember these things:

  • 1. You can’t take care of everyone else if you’re falling apart.

  • 2. You are worth the investment. Sometimes this means getting up early taking kids along for your workout – make time for your health!

  • 3. Your body isn’t ruined; you nourished and brought forth life.

  • 4. Your body might not be perfect to you, but you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God – put on your Godfidence.

  • 5. Your kids will have body confidence if you do, choose those words you say about yourself wisely.

  • 6. Use your words wisely. You should talk to yourself the way you speak to your children or your best friend.

  • 7. Make a list of the good things going on around you. You must see progress in the mess.

  • 8. Your day will not go as planned – have a backup plan ready.

  • 9. Operate from a place of faith, not feelings. If you have a bad day, don’t seek comfort in food – open your Bible and pray.

  • 10. Know that you are so much stronger than you think.

  • 11. You are now a role model, lead with excellence, be an example.

  • 12. You determine what your family eats, so choose whole God-made foods.

  • 13. Your kids will not do what you say – they will do what you do.

  • 14. Your lower stomach skin may never look good in a plank again (mine sure doesn’t) but you’re now a member of an awesome club: You’re a Mom!

  • 15. You may be overwhelmed and stressed, but you are blessed, not everyone will experience the joy of these few words, “I love you mommy!”

  • 16. No one can replace you in your home, no one!

  • 17. Listen. Know. Believe. – You. Are. Irreplaceable.

Sweet mom, you are the core, the very heartbeat of the family. You need to invest in you. Do your best to eat right, exercise and skip the guilt. Enjoy this crazy awesome journey you’ve been blessed with and give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back!

Here to help you get healthy, happy and fit God’s way,

Kim Dolan Leto