These 11 Fit and Inspirational Moms have been through unimaginable issues. Some have overcome cancer, dealt with fertility treatments, battled eating disorders and depression. Others had a moment that made them draw a line in the sand and completely overhaul their lifestyle. The one thing they all have in common is that they transformed themselves. There’s nothing like seeing someone accomplish their goal-especially when they’ve been where you are. We can all identify with one or more of their stories. Wherever you are in your journey, let them inspire you and show you what is possible with hard work and dedication.  Please share your thoughts, and join me in celebrating these incredible women. If you would like to know more about them, click on their name and you will be directed to their personal site.

Zoe Pineau: I have lost 150 lbs and have completely transformed myself from fat to fit! Once weighing 275 lbs, I realized that I did not want my children to learn and copy my unhealthy habits. I used to eat junk food and fast food pretty much exclusively, and had to completely change my entire lifestyle in order to do this, and my way of thinking. In 2009, my first child was 1-year-old and was beginning to eat what I was eating. That triggered my desire for change. In that year I lost 120 lbs through clean eating and exercising, and set the goal for myself to compete in a bodybuilding show in bikini model division. A few months before the show, I discovered unexpectedly, that I was pregnant with my daughter. I immediately fell off the wagon, and began eating the way I had before and completely stopped exercising, and quickly gained almost all of it back. I felt extremely discouraged and ashamed, but knew that I would have to get serious eventually if I wanted to set a good example for my kids. In March of 2011, I began my weight loss journey again, and set out to reach my goal of competing. In April of 2012, 150 lbs lighter, I reached that goal! I placed 10th, and won best themewear. It was the most amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for your family. Give your kids a good example so that they can grow up healthy and happy, and so that their mom will be around for a long time. It can seem so hard in the beginning but I promise you, it gets easier and is worth all of the struggle. This has completely changed my life in ways I never thought possible. 

Laura Hennessy: I am 5’2 , back in my 20’s I reached an all time high of 150 pounds. I went on weight watchers and dropped down to 112.With my pregnancy in 2006-7 I gained a good 40 pounds and at my son’s birth was 152. I am now 107. I battled a phase of anorexia and compulsive exercise disorder. My body fat dropped to 7% and 96 pounds. I would workout for 4 hours a day and restrict food. I know am at a much healthier place and enjoy clean eating every 3 hours.I followed weight watchers and exercised a ton!!!! When my son would sleep I would run on my home treadmill and 3 times a week would see a trainer. Meeshie Nguyen: I am 36 and from San Diego, CA. I was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks before my 30th birthday. I underwent chemo, radiation, and Herception. My doctor’s advised me to freeze my eggs in case I wanted children. The cost of the procedure was so expensive that I couldn’t afford to do it – so took my chances in getting pregnant. At the time, it was more important to get the treatments going for the cancer. Four years later, I gave birth to Maddox Nguyen-Silva on 11/27/2010!!! He is my “miracle baby”! Since I had a c-section, I had to wait 8 weeks before even really being able to do a brisk walk. As soon as I got the OK from the doctor, I strapped Maddox in a running stroller and on our way we went! I LOVE to run! I hated it until I was 29 and decided that running a marathon was on my bucket list. As I trained in January of 2006, it was cut short when I found out about the cancer in March 2006. I use to run, spin classes and weight lift 3-4 times a week. However, being a single mom with a full-time career – I found it quite challenging to find time to go to the gym to get a workout in. With a limited time schedule between dropping off Maddox at daycare, working an 8-9 hour day, then picking him back up with a drive home – preparing dinner, bath time, then bed time routine – I couldn’t fit a workout in! In the last month, I decided that it was time to make a change. I now bring my lunch to work and use my lunch break to workout for an hour. I’ll try to take a spin class 1-2 times a week, weight lift 1-2 times a week then get a run in on the weekends with Maddox in the running stroller. I now know that it’s not the number of times you get into the gym, but rather about using your time wisely.

Kathy-ann Best: I am Kathy-ann and I am from Barbados. I have 2 kids my son Rohan is 10 and my daughter Arielle is 3. I entered my first fitness competition when my son was 2 years old and I loved it! I went through fertility treatment to have my daughter so I gained a lot of weight. Yea I did. I got very heavy from the medication when I was trying to get pregnant. When it finally happened I was so paranoid about losing it that I refused to do any kind of exercise and continued to pack on the pounds. After I had my daughter by c-section at age 38 I stayed home from work and the weight gain continued. I started to really hate how I looked, remembering how great I looked after I had my son so I started to workout again. 

Tamra Barron: I have gone through a transformation indeed. I was your “skinny fat” girl who was afraid to gain weight. I have always been thin and would exercise but neither were done properly. I would eat just enough to get by, run until I could not run any more, and weigh myself everyday. In my mind, if the scale said anything different from I thought it should, I would feel guilty and go into depression mode until I got that number back. I wanted to lift weights but thought I would get “bulky”. It wasn’t until 2010 that I began to realize that I wanted to have the definition that I saw on the pages of Oxygen magazine. I began focusing on how to become healthy and stopped getting on the scale. I decided that I did not want a number on a scale to define who I was each day. I also wanted to be able to portray a healthy lifestyle to my daughter. I feared that she would grow up with the same thought process that I had and I wanted her to realize that she was so beautiful just the way she was. I began weight training and following a clean eating meal plan. I started to notice small changes that I really did like. I competed in my first NGA competition and felt GREAT! I continued to lift heavy weights and maintain a clean diet. I returned to the same show in 2011 and WON the bikini model division. I now have people ask me how I got my arms or abs to look like that. I feel great and I have developed the self-confidence that I lacked for so many years. I now get on the scale to see if I have GAINED weight. My goal is to continue to gain muscle mass and help others around become the healthy individual that God created them to be.

Sara BashawI am no stranger to the struggles of getting fit. As many women know firsthand, motherhood can change everything! After gaining 70 pounds with my first pregnancy I knew I had to do something and fitness was the answer! My “me time” has now turned into a part-time career that I absolutely love. I am know an A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. My clients are what truly motivate me everyday! For me getting my body back has been a slow and steady process. I just never quite and always take one day at a time, I never designated a so-called “finish line”. I always strive to do something to keep me motivated. I am currently training for my second figure competition and still am learning so much about my body and what it’s capable of doing!

Kelley Tyan:  I overcame breast cancer at age 34. I got the phone call unexpectedly while driving and I cried it out but wouldn’t let it get the best of me! I decided to focus on creating my own business and I focused on nutrition and fitness. This year I was turning 38 and I wanted to have a new goal: do a fitness show. I entered the Fitness America New England show in April competing in the bikini division and I WON! Next I went to Miami Universe to compete again and I WON Miss Bikini again! I am still celebrating and I still feel overwhelmed but I am so happy to be on this path for myself and my family. I want to show other women and my children that being fit is a healthy lifestyle forever. We are never too old or too young to start a new fitness plan.

Christy Van Buren:  After the birth of my 2 daughters, I found myself unfit, fatigued, feeling sleep-deprived and blah. I vowed to get myself back into shape, improve my overall fitness, health and increase my energy level by making drastic changes. I wanted to be fit enough and healthy enough to enjoy playing with my children and pass this lifestyle along to them.After just 6 months of my lifestyle change, I’m down 4 sizes and am in the best shape of my life. I have quads and gluts that I haven’t seen since high school gymnastics. I have higher fitness standards that I want to meet now and so my journey continues! I’ve been so inspired by my success, that I’ve started a website dedicated to helping others find their own fitness and health improvements with my inspiration and encouragement.

Cassye Delphy: In the past 14 months I’ve lost almost 25 pounds and 12% body fat. About 2 years ago I took a part-time job and fell into some bad habits. The realization came slowly at first -clothes fitting more snugly, feeling tired most of the time, having to go way back to find good photos of myself, and making the decision to buy bigger clothes. At my age, I told myself, “It’s a natural progression, right? It’s sort of expected, and I deserve some slack.” Well, last spring I was forced to endure what turned out to be a mortifying experience wearing a bathing suit to a kids’ birthday party. No big deal, I thought initially. It’s the first time this season, but so what? I wore swimsuits all the summers before, and didn’t expect my reaction. Something was different. My body looked weird. I spent the entire time hiding – feeling like the elephant woman. Then I thought to myself, “Hey, this is NOT you. What are you DOING?!?” That was it for me. Now I feel so like myself again, only with a vengeance this time! I decided that a comeback was in order, but it needed to be serious. And I am very serious about all of it – training, diet especially, and even supplements (which I’d never used before). I am so confident and comfortable in my skin, knowing all the work it took in the past year, getting to where I am now. I love being able to perform old school moves like pull ups, deadlifts and squats. Effortlessly hoisting luggage into the overhead bins isn’t so bad either!

Marqie Postl: I faced a long road of obstacles at every turn in my life. I told myself I would get there if I just kept pushing. I had to remind myself daily to focus on the task at hand. It was a challenge to not get distracted by all the negative circumstances around me.Now days, I feel very strong and empowered with the life I lead for myself as well as my son and I want to share a few tips on getting to this point in your life, a point where it gave power to an average yet short young lady with limited athletic ability the opportunity to someday compete with some of the best athletes in the world, while being a mother.

Frist Time Do It Right

People who excel realize they are going to give every ounce of energy in their body the first time out. Sometimes you only get one shot. So, no matter the task, put your heart into it and dig deep.

Second, Surround Yourself with Overachievers. My second tip would have to be one of the ones like myself, people struggle with considering they have a fear of failing or looking bad in front of people. This is your life not anyone else’s, who cares if you fall down, get right back up and try again. This logic is simple. There was no way you could replicate the conditions of training with a team or trainer compared to training at home.

Third, Immerse Yourself and I Mean Fully Immerse Yourself

Fourth, Be Consistent

Stay true to your vision, goals, and dreams. DO NOT let the distractions pull from your focus and energy.

Finally, Believe In Yourself.  I hope these tips help you the way they helped me. Remember that anyone who has become great has put in the work and the effort. They believed in themselves and followed through.They believed they could not fail. No one could deter them from reaching their goal or dreams. Everyone has the ability to excel. Remind yourself every single day of your goal or dreams and why it’s so important to you. Keep in mind that sometimes your ability exceeds your self-belief, you just have to believe. Everything else will line up and fall into place, trust me, try it for you. Every day is an opportunity to get a little bit closer to your goal or dreams. Don’t waste another second, what are you waiting for, make it happen!

Danielle DolceMy name is Danielle Dolce and I am from Princeton Junction, NJ. I will be 42 in less than a week! I am the mother of 4 children ages Nicolas-13, Gabriel-10, Matthew-8 and Arianna-6. I gave birth to 5 children but lost my second son, Dominic in 2000. It was a depressing time and I used food to dull the pain. I gained more weight thereafter with each pregnancy and didn’t care! Until I almost died due to gallbladder complications which turned into pancreatitis after my last child was born. It was a wake up call! My weight (215lbs) was too much of a health burden and I was paying the price. It was then that I decided to turn my life around so that I could be the best mom for my children! I am a children’s author, and spent several years volunteering my time to do free author presentations for my book set “Where is Love?” which teaches children to always look for the positive qualities that life offers and to find love in all that we do!I decided to take my own advice and follow my passion for fitness. I recently became a personal trainer (WITS) and opened my own training studio just 4 months ago!I am now empowering men and women to become their personal best and I have never been as fit as I am! I have decided to train to compete for both power lifting and for figure! February is my first power lifting competition and my first figure competition is coming up in June! I love being able to look in the mirror and know that it is me competing against myself to achieve my personal best!