“Kim is one of the most genuine people in the industry; always willing to go the extra mile to make any assignment or photo shoot be the best one possible. She’s a winner!”


- Diane Hart, Editor-In-Chief, Oxygen Special Issues & Digital Content

“While fitness gurus abound and they often come and go, it is rare to find someone in the field whose most notable asset is not simply her knowledge or physique BUT the unique and special ability to make each and every person’s lives she touches; from mothers, grandmothers to daughters, to fathers, grandfathers sons, truly believe they can become more and do better in their health and wellness, not because of who she is, BUT because of how she makes them believe in who they are.”

- Patrick S. Gamboa BS, MSS, FNBFE Chief Operating Officer International Sports Sciences Association, ISSA

“Kim Dolan Leto is truly a delight to work with. Not only is she highly professional, but she has incredible energy and a wealth of fitness knowledge. Even with a packed schedule, she really went above and beyond for us at Max Sports & Fitness magazine. We are so proud to have featured her on our August 2011 cover and in a workout article in that same issue.”

- LaRue Novick Editor in Chief/Creative Director Max Sports & Fitness Magazine

“Kim Dolan Leto was featured as a cover model for Fitness Life. Working with her has been a dream; she is efficient, friendly and professional. I highly recommend her.”


- Tania Greig, Publisher & Editor, Fitness Life magazine

“Every time I photograph Kim I have great time, she’s such a great  model I always learn something from her! She brings her maximum energy, a great mood and absolute professionalism to every shoot we’ve done. I adore her!”


- Eva Simon, Renowned Fitness Photographer

“Kim Dolan Leto is the most inspirational fitness personality in the fitness industry today. She has redefined that you can be a successful cover model at any age. The ability that she has to motivate, educate and inspire people is immeasurable. She is and always will be an icon in the fitness industry.”


- Obi Obadike, Fitness Expert, International Model and Columnist

“Kim Dolan Leto is my FAVORITE face! She is absolutely just as gorgeous in person as she is on the covers she graces (trust me, I’m her makeup artist!!). Kim is generous, sexy yet relatable, & is always 100%  professional no matter what the circumstance (& we’ve been in some CRAZY shoot situations before!). She is doing amazing things with her message & God-given strength- she’s an inspiration to me & all women! I love you Kim!!!”

- Allison Pynn, Makeup/Hair Artist

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of Kim Dolan Leto’s work is “passion.” She is a talent who is truly passionate about her craft, whether it be on camera or the various articles and blogs she writes. She puts her clients and their well-being first and foremost in each and every job or photo shoot she takes on, putting in the extra effort to ensure their happiness. She is extraordinarily ambitious, very hard working, extremely determined and very focused in her efforts. On-camera, she has a unique ability to make almost every photo perfect as she fully understands posing and how to work creatively and synergistically with a photographer. She always has a pleasant smile, is fun-hearted on set and makes the project time fly by. I would, and have, recommend Kim to any of my clientele.”

- James Patrick, ALB, ADDY® Award Winning Fitness Photographer

“Kim Dolan Leto arrived for our photo shoot perfectly prepared. Kim already knew what kind of images that she wanted and we worked well together to get them. As a result of Kim’s gorgeous looks, preparedness, and focus, every look that we did together that day has been published.”


- Lisa Bouvier Brewer, Renowned Fitness Photographer

“Kim Dolan Leto is a woman and mother that does what we all strive to do – lead by example.

In the fitness industry, it is all too common to preach what we are expected to preach, but not live up to the standards we set for others. Kim lives up to all she preaches. She leads by example in all aspects of her life. If she suggests that someone feed their family healthy, natural, organic foods, you know she is doing the same. If she recommends someone run sprints in their back yard when they can’t get to the gym, you know she does just that. If she asks for honesty and integrity, you know she acts with both.

Kim is a true professional, a true friend, and an amazing mother and wife. She makes every life she touches better, providing a constant stream of inspiration. I’m always looking forward to what comes next for her and am blessed to have her in my life.

-Emily Hellman, Business Owner, Fitness Model, Mother & Friend