How I Got Out of My Fitness Funk

Behind the scenes of my mpg shoot Kim Dolan Leto

Have you ever been in a rut or a funk and needed something to help you out of it? When MPG emailed me with the opportunity to shoot their fall clothing campaign, it was the catalyst I needed to reignite my passion. It’s easy to look at the final product of a photo shoot and miss […]

Standing Back Tucks and Flaring, the Hardest Things I’ve Learned To Do!

Is there anything you know you can do that you haven’t tried? I say go for it; there’s nothing to lose! These are the hardest moves I learned for a fitness routine. Learning something new will get you in the best shape of your life. Learning a standing back tuck takes incredible strength, and it […]

2011 Cover Shoot


2011 has been an amazing year for me, and it’s not even over. Here’s a video of a shoot I did with James Patrick, and some highlights of this incredible year! My sincere appreciation to James Patrick, Allison Pynn, MUA, Rogiani-Clothing, and Nick Orciuolo-Videographer.

Walking On My Hands


I believe strongly that when you do what you love your body will follow. Here’s a fun video of me walking on my hands; this is one of my favorite exercises to combine with sprints for a full body workout. Click here to watch, Walking On My Hands Can you walk on your hands?

Ms Fitness USA 2011 – Dancing with the Stars Fitness Routine


This is my Ms Fitness USA 2011 “Dancing with the Stars Fitness Routine.” Fitness is my passion. Every time I compete I put my heart and soul into my fitness routines. I’m proud to say I learned how to do a one arm handstand for this show. This was so much fun, hope you enjoy watching it! […]

Oxygen Magazine Behind the Scenes Video with Kim Dolan Leto

Kim-Dolan-Leto-Oxygen Magazine Shoot

What an amazing opportunity to go to RKP, Robert Kennedy Publishing, and shoot with Paul Buceta, work with the Oxygen team, and have the amazing Valeria Nova as the mua. Here are a couple fun candid shots from my special day with the Oxygen team.

Oxygen Fat Loss Cover & Video Shoot

Kim-Dolan-Leto fatloss cover 2010

I was 37 when I got pregnant and delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl at 38. Becoming a mother has forever changed me. It has shown me the true meaning of life. There is no love in the world like the love I have for my daughter. Being the wife my husband deserves, and the […]

Ms Fitness World 2010

Kim-Dolan-Leto-Ms-Fitness-World 2

At Ms Fitness World, I was the only American in the top 5. I can still here people saying “USA” as I walked off the stage- a moment I will never forget. This was my first fitness competition after I had my daughter. It was very difficult to get my body in competition shape and […]

My Fire Routine for Fitness America the ESPN Video

Kim-Dolan-Leto Fitness Routine

Have you ever poured your energy, heart, and soul into something? That is how putting a fitness routine together feels. I learned how to flare, do a back tuck, and a bunch of other moves that pushed me to my absolute physical limit. This theme is my Fire Routine, and I had a blast choreographing […]

Fitness Universe USA Routine Video

This routine was a blast. I hope you enjoy me proudly representing the USA.