My Diet, Training, & Personal Motivation

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  Excited to share my diet, training, and personal motivation. I hope you enjoy the article. To get your copy, go I love hearing from you. If you have any question, please ask. All my best & God bless, Kim Dolan Leto

How to Get Rid of Your Lower Stomach

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Are your lower ABS your trouble spot too? Transforming my overweight and unhealthy body in my 30′s was extremely difficult. The learning curve was brutal. I didn’t know how to exercise or eat right. My lower stomach has always been an area I struggle with, so I have found these tips very useful. Although we […]

Tight and Toned Year Around With StudioMixx

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Do you want to feel tighter and more toned? Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t achieve that lean look, even though you were eating right and working out? I have, and I found my solution. Six months ago I needed a change. I felt thicker than usual and decided to take on the goal […]

Get the Legs and Glutes You Want

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Are your legs and glutes where you want them to be? Frustrated with the condition of my legs, I decided to take some of my cardio and leg training to my backyard. Have you ever tried Sprinting? If your results have stagnated, and your legs aren’t where you’d like them to be, try incorporating Sprints. After […]

My Current Workout Routine


After years of training at home to take care of my daughter, I’m happy to say I’m back at the Gym and loving it! I’m often asked what I do for training, so I wanted to share my current workout. I’m a big advocate of Plyos between sets and body weight exercises. I incorporate them through each […]

Fitness, the Fountain of Youth?

Saturday at a party, my sister’s husband told a story about how he found a picture of my husband with a blonde girl. Can you believe he didn’t even know it was me? This picture was from my pre-fitness days, and over ten years ago. He said I look much younger now. Hard to believe […]

Are you a Cardio Queen?

Do you neglect the weight room? I always notice this beautiful girl at my gym reading while doing cardio. The other day she came up to me at and said, “What do I have to do to look like you?” I smiled, and asked her if she has ever lifted weights. She said, “No, I […]

5 ways to burn 500 calories

I bet you never estimated how many calories you were burning strolling around the zoo or cleaning up the garage, but here’s an added reason to enjoy these activities. They burn 500 calories! Remember slashing 500 calories a day through exercise and 500 calories through a clean nutrition program will equal a 7000 calorie deficit […]

Mama’s got back!


Okay, confession time, after I had my daughter my glutes looked like they fell down. Did you experience this post-baby? I remember laughing in the mirror thinking, my belly isn’t the only body part that looks deflated. High round glutes sure look athletic and youthful, and it’s not an accident to have a perky derriere […]

Workout in 6 minutes & 5 Ways to Lose Fat!

Moms, I know your busy, so anytime I find a quick workout or easy ways to lose fat, I want to share it. The 6 minute workout is a great program designed by someone I admire, Jamie Eason. 5 Ways to Lose Fat shows simple daily strategies that yield big changes.Let me know what you […]

Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Cover and Article


I had always wanted to work with Max Muscle, so I jumped at the opportunity to shoot their cover and write an article for them. I created the workout to sculpt curves and even out symmetry. Have you ever considered adding a little glute muscle to create curves, or building some muscle in your back and shoulders to […]

What’s the Worst Excuse You’ve Used to Avoid Going to the Gym?

Okay, I’m baring my soul a little bit, but here I go. “I want to lose a little weight before I go to the gym”, there it is I said it! Have you ever thought or said this? I have to admit in every case the gym is exactly where I needed to be. When […]