How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast

How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast

The most frustrating weight to lose is the last 5 – 10 pounds, isn’t it? Take a look at these 3 ways to get yourself out of that plateau from this months, Muscle & Fitness Hers.

When you’ve set a goal, don’t give up right before the finish line, see […]

My Diet, Training, & Personal Motivation

My Nutrition & Training Schedule

How to Get Rid of Your Lower Stomach

Are your lower ABS your trouble spot too? Transforming my overweight and unhealthy body in my 30′s was extremely difficult. The learning curve was brutal. I didn’t know how to exercise or eat right. My lower stomach has always been an area I struggle with, so I have found these tips very useful. Although […]

Tight and Toned Year Around With StudioMixx

Do you want to feel tighter and more toned? Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t achieve that lean look, even though you were eating right and working out? I have, and I found my solution. Six months ago I needed a change. I felt thicker than usual and decided to take on the […]

Get the Legs and Glutes You Want

How to Get the Legs You Want
Are your legs and glutes where you want them to be? Frustrated with the condition of my legs, I decided to take some of my cardio and leg training to my backyard. Have you ever tried Sprinting? If your results have stagnated, and your legs aren’t where you’d like […]

My Current Workout Routine

After years of training at home to take care of my daughter, I’m happy to say I’m back at the Gym and loving it! I’m often asked what I do for training, so I wanted to share my current workout. I’m a big advocate of Plyos between sets and body weight exercises. I incorporate them through […]