My Diet, Training, & Personal Motivation

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  Excited to share my diet, training, and personal motivation. I hope you enjoy the article. To get your copy, go I love hearing from you. If you have any question, please ask. All my best & God bless, Kim Dolan Leto

My Nutrition-A Typical Day of Eating

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Nutrition is where the magic happens! I’m frequently asked what a typical day of eating looks like, so I wanted to share. Thank you, Oxygen Magazine for the opportunity. Make sure to pick the March 2014 issue. As a busy mom, I have struggled with finding the time to cook, so last fall I tried, Isagenix. […]

Nutrition: Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

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How many times have you eaten something and said, “I’ll work it off in the gym?” Before I educated myself I believed I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out, but this is not true. You can’t out train a bad diet. Counting calories is a common tool for weight loss, […]

Performance Meals


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Breakfast, Break-the-Fast and Lose Weight


Are you bored with your Breakfast choices, or do you skip Breakfast altogether? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also the most frequently skipped meal. When we choose to skip breakfast our metabolism slows down. To help kick start your day, here is a list of quick, healthy, and […]

Is Weekend Eating Derailing Your Fitness Goals?

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 ”If I eat clean all week and train hard, why can’t I eat what I want on the weekends?” This is a question I’m asked frequently, so here’s my answer: If there are 365 days in a year, 104 of them are the weekend. This is roughly a third of the year. With 261 days […]

10 Ways to Make a Healthy and Delicious Dinner

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Falling into a recipe-rut is easy. How many times have you said, what should I make for dinner? Only to fall back on the same-old, same-old? Here are 10 new ways to make a healthy and delicious dinner. You can choose from – chicken, turkey, tuna, bison, pasta, crab, shrimp and even salmon. Eating clean doesn’t mean you […]

Healthy Snack Ideas, Please!


Isn’t it awful when your stomach starts growling mid day and you have nothing to eat? Then you feel your energy crash, and by 4 PM you start craving sugar, chocolate, anything to pick you back up again. It seems the cleaner I eat, the idea of skipping a meal is painful. I love the […]

Do the Do’s!


Lately I’ve been feeling really challenged with my eating. Recently I found out I would not be able to compete in a show I’ve been training really hard for. Our business had some issues come up that were unavoidable and there’s nothing I can do. So here I am, my mind and body are in […]

Yummy Mummy Fit-Kitchen Must Haves

Being a fit mom is a lifestyle and takes some dedication and figuring out what works for you. There are many things that make the fit-life easier. Since what we eat is key in how our bodies look and feel. I thought I’d share my kitchen must-haves – they enable meal preparation to move at […]

Why do People Think Women in Fitness Don’t Eat?

At my daughter’s gymnastics class, a mom asked me,” you don’t eat very much do you?” I laughed as I pulled turkey meatballs out of my cooler bag to eat. I replied, “actually, I eat more now than I ever have!” As I explained to her how I eat every 3 hours, she was full […]

Portions and Servings, What’s the difference?

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Do the words portion and serving mean the same thing to you? I hear them being used interchangeably, but the difference between the two could be the reason you can’t seem to drop those unwanted pounds. According to the Department of Heath and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health, “portions are the amount […]