The Pro Exposure Podcast: Kim Dolan Leto

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In this episode we discuss:

Kim’s reasons for entering into the fitness industry.
The adversity and challenges one faces when they set out to achieve their […]

The Secrets to Getting a 6 Pack, with Obi Obadike

The Secrets to Getting a 6 Pack, with Obi Obadike

Achieving a ripped stomach, especially the lower abs can seem impossible and even frustrating. I thought I’d turn to an expert that stays this lean year around to find out how he does it. As a leading health and fitness expert, Obi Obadike has a stellar […]

Maniac Fitness Interview with Fitness Model Kim Dolan Leto

 Thank you Maniac Fitness for the opportunity to do a Featured Interview. I am so excited to share my tips and favorite exercises. Please read the full Interview Here. I’d love to know what you think?

Here are a few Excerpts:

What   gives   you   the   best   results   when   trying   to   get   lean?
Clean nutrition and getting […]

Age Is Just A Number, And You Can Still Have A Modeling Career Over 40!

There are moments in your life when people do something unexpectantly and positively overwhelm you. This is exactly how I felt when I read this article, by the #1 Fitness Model in the World, and the Leanest Man Alive,Obi Obadike. My sincere gratitude to you Obi, for representing me in such a way to […]

Simply Shredded Featured Article

This interview shares my current workout, my motivation for what keeps me focused, and even my advice to people just starting out. Please let me know what you think?

Click here to read, Fitness Model & Pro Athlete Kim Dolan Leto Talks With

Accelerate Your Fat Loss Interview

Here’s a excerpt:

Kim Dolan Leto is no stranger to the fitness industry as she has had
success over the past 10 plus years but she took time off to have a baby and
focus on her family. She came back to the industry this year with a purpose,
vision and a message to send to the industry. […]