Change May Seem Painful, but What About Staying the Same?

Kim Dolan Leto Fitness Writer and Blogger

 When it comes to change, there are two types of pain: the pain of changing or the pain of staying the same. The pain of staying the same seems easy…almost comfortable, but it’s a lie. You may not even know that you’ve consciously made a choice when you decided not to make a choice. The hidden […]

What’s Your Excuse?


Do you ever wake up with the best intentions only to watch your day fall apart? Are you tired of not doing what you know you’re capable of? Does any of this sound like you: It’s too much work. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. It’s too late…I’m too old. It’s easier for someone else. […]

Fitness Quotes to Inspire You


Have you ever read a quote and it changed your whole mood? Words are powerful and when we’re trying to accomplish a goal, they serve as a reminder, a source of inspiration, and motivation. I wanted to share quotes that I look toward to invigorate my spirit, stir up my motivation, and keep me on […]

Why YOU Are All That!

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Do you feel good about yourself? Do you think if you were in great shape or lost those last five pounds all this sudden you would be happier? Are you too hard on yourself? For some of us our weight or body image defines us and our happiness is dictated by the number on the scale or […]

The Pro Exposure Podcast: Kim Dolan Leto


  Click Here To Listen to my Podcast with The Pro Exposure.  My sincere appreciation to The Pro Exposure for having me as a guest on their show. Make sure to visit their site.  In this episode we discuss: Kim’s reasons for entering into the fitness industry. The adversity and challenges one faces when they set out to […]

2012, A New Year, A New You


Make 2012 your year, the year you reach your goal. The New Year brings a sense of a fresh start, a new beginning, even another chance. We all have goals that we carry with us from year to year, so why don’t we reach them? What are we waiting for? What holds us back? The […]

What Have You Always Wanted to Do?

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 Is there a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try? In your current training program how do you stay motivated? Motivation is a deciding factor in whether or not we reach our fitness goals. Many people tell me, they can’t stay motivated with their goals, but they want so badly to be in shape. For some people […]

Do the Do’s!


Lately I’ve been feeling really challenged with my eating. Recently I found out I would not be able to compete in a show I’ve been training really hard for. Our business had some issues come up that were unavoidable and there’s nothing I can do. So here I am, my mind and body are in […]

Managing Your Expectations

There’s nothing like standing in front of the mirror and being disappointed at what you see. After you have a baby, your body is different and it takes time and diligence to get it back. I learned through this journey to be happy with what I looked like at every stage. I took comfort in […]

How did you do it? How Did You Transform Your Body?


When I first decided to get involved in fitness, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t have a clue where to start. With all the workout programs and different philosophies on what to eat, it can get confusing and make you question if you’re doing the right thing. I know because 11 years ago I was overweight […]

Get Your Sexy Back!


This is what no one ever told you; imagine being so tired you feel light-headed, and you have baby throw up on you, you’re sitting in a mess of chores to do and oh yeah…. where did that sexy girl go? Don’t you wish you could go back for one day and be your pre-kid […]

Getting Through Your Failures Brings Success!

Sometimes the hardest part of a goal is getting started. Then once you’re going in the right direction it becomes how do I stay on this path? And when you’ve reached your goal, you begin wondering how do I maintain this? From getting started, to staying the course, to maintaining your goals; this quote always […]