10 Ways to Make a Healthy and Delicious Dinner

chicken fajitas

Falling into a recipe-rut is easy. How many times have you said, what should I make for dinner? Only to fall back on the same-old, same-old? Here are 10 new ways to make a healthy and delicious dinner. You can choose from – chicken, turkey, tuna, bison, pasta, crab, shrimp and even salmon. Eating clean doesn’t mean you […]

Healthy Eating for the Family Made Simple

Kim-Dolan-Leto-fitness mom

Feeding our family healthy meals should be simple, right? But, who has time for home cooked meals? I’m not an expert, but I do know my way around the kitchen. Here’s my simple approach to making quick meals and keeping my family healthy. Meals Bake chicken, turkey, and other lean meats on the weekend and […]

Kids’ Parties and Junk Food

This is a tough subject, and I need help with it. What are we supposed to do when our kids go off to school, parties, and functions and are constantly bombarded with cookies, candy, and pizza. In a world were obesity is the number one cause of preventable death, how can we allow this? It […]

Kids & Artificial Sweeteners

Do you think it’s safe for children to have artificial sweeteners? There’s research out there supporting both sides of the argument. What do you think? I have to admit, I see two and even three-year-olds drinking diet drinks every day.

Yummy Mummy Fit-Kitchen Must Haves

Being a fit mom is a lifestyle and takes some dedication and figuring out what works for you. There are many things that make the fit-life easier. Since what we eat is key in how our bodies look and feel. I thought I’d share my kitchen must-haves – they enable meal preparation to move at […]

Creating a Love for Exercise in Our Children

Kim-Dolan-Leto-Fitness for the Family

When I was little, I rode my bike everywhere and loved to play outside. There wasn’t a play date or a specific purpose to it, I was a little kid on a mission to have fun and explore. Did you grow up this way too? This concept seems so different than today. We live in […]

Is Your Body Image Affecting Your Children?

Do you engage in negative self-talk in front of your children? As a child, I clearly remember my mother thinking she was overweight. And although she wasn’t, I’m wondering how this affected me? I’m currently preparing for my WBFF Pro Fitness Model Debut, and I have to catch myself from making statements about the way […]

Childhood Obesity, a Community Problem?

Have you experienced the pain of being overweight? Well, I have and it made me feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, and unhealthy. When I think of all the children that are obese, my heart breaks. Did you notice Michelle Obama’s initiative to fight childhood obesity in the USA today? She started a campaign called Let’s Move. According […]

Protecting Our Kids From the Decline of Healthy Eating

Picture it, I’m standing in the cereal aisle of the grocery store and my daughter is saying, “Mom I saw that one on TV can we buy it?” How many times has this happened to you? She’s only 3, and we don’t watch very much TV. So, how does this happen? Everyone keeps telling me, […]