Fit Mom


Sometimes the mommy hat can take over. Isn’t it easy to feel like you disappear, trying to balance the roles of mom, wife and work?

Moments alone are few, but there’s something very telling within them. When the rush stops and time alone starts, do you feel like you’re taking care of yourself?

Are you […]

How to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy

With a staggering childhood obesity rate, what we feed our children demands our attention. Treats at school and birthday parties present challenges, but education in the home and leading by example provide our children the groundwork they need to make the best decisions. When my daughter was born, I felt an overwhelmingly desire to […]

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Clean

The July 2012 Issue of Oxygen magazine features fitness model moms and how they keep their children eating well. Will you please share how you’ve been able to teach your kids to make healthy choices? What are your greatest struggles-School lunches, Birthday parties or is it difficult getting everyone at home on board with clean […]

Be A Fit Mom

This website is packed with resources and information for you to become the healthiest, happiest, hottest version of yourself. Go team Fit-Mom! 
I can’t think of a better reason to get healthy than our children.

The Hardest Part of Being a Fit-Mom

Being a mom is tough, and trying to get in shape when you’re a mom is even tougher. What do you think is the hardest part of being a fit-mom?

Here are my Top 10 Major Challenges to our Success:

It feels impossible/Giving up on yourself
Goals, that aren’t broken down into daily behaviors
Becoming a mom, made you feel like your fit days […]

Are You an Inspirational Mom?

 Real Moms……..Real Stories……..Real Inspiration

Are you an Inspirational Mom? Have you chosen to live a healthy lifestyle and transformed your eating habits and committed yourself to regular exercise? An Inspirational Mom isn’t defined by a specific weight or size, she’s a mother on a journey toward health and helping other people along the way. Here […]