Tanya Geisinger, Inspirational Fit Mom

Tanya Geisinger's Transformation

Tanya Geisinger is a busy fit mom of two children, ages two and six. Losing 100 lbs total post-pregnancy weight turned Tanya into an inspiring and motivated fit mom. Taking on the ominous goal of a bikini competition, Tanya earned her WBFF Pro card after having two kids! Her advice for moms is something we all […]

Inspirational Mom, Megan Leigh Land

Megan Stricland Before & After Pregnancy

With a 10 month old, Megan Leigh Land has found her best body the healthy way. Don’t let the model face and body fool you; this fit mom hasn’t had it easy. Having overcome anorexia, Megan is transparent in sharing her journey to becoming healthy from the inside out. With a successful career in the fitness industry, […]

Inspirational Mom, Rochelle Oldfield

Inspirational Mom Rochello Oldfield

Rochelle Oldfield is the transformation story that gives us all hope. When you read her interview, you can feel her transparency. Rochelle is a beautiful example of a mom that didn’t lose the baby weight the first time around and after her second child needed to find herself and believe in herself again. Boy did she do […]

Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet

Lisa Desilet Inspirational Mom

Inspirational Mom, Lisa Desilet , is a mom of three who initially found reasons why she couldn’t be in shape. She even thought fit moms must have their priorities all wrong. After a pivotal moment, she realized that her thinking was keeping her from becoming her best. Lisa is now striving to share all she’s learned through […]

Inspirational Mom, Brooke Merritt

Brooke Merritt hardbody

Brooke Merritt once believed that the fit physiques that filled fitness magazines were all women without children, but after some research she realized many were moms-just like her. This information changed her life and set her on a new journey. Passionate about her new-found goals, Brooke turned to the weight room to transform her body. Following […]

Inspirational Mom, Stephanie Melo-Fox

Stephanie Melo

If you’re a new mommy and need to know you’ll be able to get your body back, look at Stephanie Melo’s transformation. Stephanie is a mom of two, a business owner and a very busy girl. With her husband in the military, Stephanie’s schedule is packed. Read on to learn how she found the motivation […]

Inspirational Mom, Michelle Vodrazka

Michelle Vordazka

After having four children, Michelle Vodrazka decided to become a figure competitor! Taking on a goal like this is arduous, and with children it may seem impossible, but Michelle has an incredible can do attitude that finds a way rather than an excuse. Read on to learn more about this inspirational mom and how she’s able to […]

Inspirational Mom, Maria Kang


Maria Kang is pure fit mom inspiration! Having 3 children in 3 years hasn’t slowed this busy working mom down for a minute. Just like all moms, she had to deal with how to get rid of the baby weight. Maria didn’t opt for quick fixes, she focused on proper nutrition to sustain her breast […]

11 Inspirational Moms with Incredible Stories

Zoe Pineau

 These 11 Fit and Inspirational Moms have been through unimaginable issues. Some have overcome cancer, dealt with fertility treatments, battled eating disorders and depression. Others had a moment that made them draw a line in the sand and completely overhaul their lifestyle. The one thing they all have in common is that they transformed themselves. […]

Inspirational Mom, Fayth Henley

Fayth Henley Workout

Fayth Henley, a mother of 3 and personal trainer, shows that fitness is the way she lives. This fit mom can run a 5k in 20 minutes!  Fayth’s simple straight forward approach to clean eating and no excuses training made pregnancy and post-pregnancy much easier to maintain her healthy fit physique-not an easy task with […]

Inspirational Mom, Meaghan Terzis

Meaghan Terzis

  People tend to think of having children as the end of their fitness career, but for Meaghan Terzis it was only the beginning. Five months after her second child, Jack was born, Meaghan did her first shoot with Oxygen. As a mom, Meaghan is accomplishing her dreams. Read this fit mom’s natural and realistic […]

Inspirational Dad, Tommy Dolan

Tommy Dolan, Inspirational Dad

Do you find yourself lacking the motivation to workout? Have you ever considered training for a cause? Running the Chicago Marathon might not seem like a big deal for some, but what about a non-runner, and full-time working father and husband? My brother, Tommy Dolan, saw a need and decided to take on an arduous goal […]