This picture is special to me. I learned how to do a one-arm handstand in my 40′s after having my daughter.

My passion to get healthy started late in life. Watching my father have a stroke was the catalyst that changed me for good. At 32, I was overweight and out of shape.  I was so weak I couldn’t even do a push up. I knew I needed a big change, so I decided to take on the lofty goal of a fitness routine.

Going to gymnastics in my 30′s was almost funny, but with consistent clean eating and training, I slowly transformed myself. I relied greatly on my faith in God to not give up on my health. Getting stronger from the inside out changed my life, and 13 years later, I’m still dedicated.

May I encourage you to awake that inner-athlete in you? It’s never to late to learn something new, take a dance class, try karate or join a hiking club. Becoming an athlete helps make fitness your lifestyle.

 Highlights featured on ESPN and Fox Sports:

  • Fitness America ESPN series : 1st Place

  • Emerald Cup : 1st Place and Fitness Overall Champion

  • Fitness America : 1st Runner-up

  • Fitness Universe : 1st Runner-up

  • Ms Fitness USA : 1st Runner-up

  • Ms Fitness World : 4th runner-up

  • Ms Fitness USA : Tied for 1st