I bet you never estimated how many calories you were burning strolling around the zoo or cleaning up the garage, but here’s an added reason to enjoy these activities. They burn 500 calories! Remember slashing 500 calories a day through exercise and 500 calories through a clean nutrition program will equal a 7000 calorie deficit per week, which equals weight loss of two pounds. One to two pounds a week are the healthy way to go, and most importantly the results are sustainable.Here are 5 ways to burn 500 calories*:

  • Do an hour of circuit training.
  • Spend an afternoon pushing your baby around the zoo, aquarium or museum,and burn 523 calories.
  • Take a hike! Just one hour and 15 minutes will burn 510 calories.
  • Clean up your garage. De-cluttering and tossing junk for one hour and 30 minutes will burn 510 calories.
  • Kickbox. It can burn 510 calories in a 45-minute class and relieve any pent-up aggression!

Try this kick-boxing inspired workout.

Needing to clean out my garage, I’m definitely doing that one this week. What do you think of this list? Will you incorporate any of these? Were you surprised by the garage and the zoo? *Stats from Gold’s Gym