I don’t think there’s anything I dread more than swimsuit shopping, okay maybe jean shopping is up there too. I know this might seem odd coming from me, but I know the difference good lighting makes.
Dressing room lighting somehow perfectly brings out every flaw it can. Picture me looking in the mirror with anguish, and my daughter fidgeting and wanting to climb under the stall into the other one. It was actually a nice distraction, doesn’t it sound familiar?

So Moms, the next time you go swimsuit shopping buy the suit you love and ignore the lighting. I have been receiving this question a lot lately: “I don’t want this summer to be like all the others, I want to be able to put on a swimsuit and not want to cover it up with a t-shirt? With all the kids summer parties, I dread this every year, please help!”

Summer is still a few months away, so it’s a perfect time to set a “I will feel confident in my swimsuit this summer goal.” Find a swimsuit you love, hang it in your closet, and use it to motivate you!

If there’s one thing I know, living on mommy-time summer is coming faster than we think. So please share what you look forward to this summer? Is it rocking that bikini with confidence for the first time, or obtaining your fitness goals and feeling confident in a swimsuit? Maybe even scheduling a photo shoot? Whatever your motivation, I’d love to hear it.