Have you experienced the pain of being overweight? Well, I have and it made me feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, and unhealthy. When I think of all the children that are obese, my heart breaks.

Did you notice Michelle Obama’s initiative to fight childhood obesity in the USA today? She started a campaign called Let’s Move. According to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on January 26, 2011, “Over the last 40 years, the share of American kids who are overweight has quadrupled.”

What can we do as a community to change this?
Have healthier school food choices?
Make Physical Education a mandatory class?
Does this problem start in the home, community, or both?
Is there a simple answer?

Devastating to think that children will be put on cholesterol lowering drugs and even depression medication to treat the side effects of weight gain.

Can you imagine your child dealing with the emotional ridicule and health problems associated with obesity? Have you ever been overweight? Are you overweight? What can we do as a community to help?